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Morning Revitalisation Smoothie Set

Morning Revitalisation Smoothie Set

Effortless, healthy habits.


Proudly Aussie Made

Made in Australia from local and neighbouring, sustainable suppliers.


Gut-friendly fibre

Naturally occurring soluble and insoluble fibre from plants.


Vitamins & Minerals

Including vitamins C, K and B + potassium and other minerals from wholefoods.


No added sugar

Naturally occurring sugars (fructose) only.


Nothing artificial

Only ingredients that you can trust. No artificial colours or flavours.

Being time poor doesn't mean eating poorly

Ingredients you can trust. Made using freeze-drying technologies that lock-in; fibre, vitamins, minerals, flavour and colour! Just add your favourite milk or water!

Healthy fast food does exist

Made for any time, any where - perfect for at work, when travelling or whilst juggling daily life. To be enjoyed any way you like; thick and creamy or cool and icy, with water or your favourite milk.









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The sugar in our smoothies is 100% naturally occurring fructose from fruit + vegetables. Fructose, unlike sucrose and glucose, changes blood sugar levels much more gradually than glucose and doesn’t impact insulin levels. Absolutely, no added sugar or sweeteners are used in our smoothies. Not now. Not ever.

Our smoothies are proudly made in Melbourne, Australia from locally and neighbouring, sustainable suppliers.

They sure are! Our smoothies are made from 100% plants that contain no gluten, nuts, or dairy. However, please know that our smoothies are processed in a facility that process milk powder therefore, traces may be present.

You bet ya! Our smoothies are made from 100% plants. The ingredients you read on the front is all that's inside, nothing else!