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Great question. Welly & Welly Kids are a lot of things; a delicious instant smoothie, an easy way to get a serve or more of fruit + veg, a fun activity, and a food-waste hero - but simply put we’re all-natural, smoothies that make fruit + veg consumption convenient and delicious. We support well-being through plant-based nutrition doing good for you and good for the planet.

Because it’s the second best thing behind fresh fruit + veg. Our smoothies are made with real fruit + veg and have all the vitamins, nutrients and fibre. Nothing artificial and no added sugar. 90% of adults don’t consume the recommended 5-serves of daily veg.

Currently, right here on our website. Unfortunately, we’re not available anywhere else - not now anyway…

Say hi, hey, hello or holla to hi@livewelly.co - we’re eagerly waiting to hear from you.

Good question. Welly Kids is our brand and range specific for the kiddos! A range designed to ensure veggies are eaten not argued. Welly, on the other hand, is our range for adults looking to increase their vegetable intake and create lasting, healthy habits. The product flavours differ based on taste preferences and differing palettes.

Ghostbusters…No, that’s a terrible parent-joke. But you can email us at hi@livewelly.co with your order number and any details and our fruit + veg fueled Customer Happiness team will help you, pronto!

Whoops! You’ll need to get onto our team QUICKLY! If we’re able to get to this before your order is dispatched (we can’t promise that we will) then great. If not our team will work with you to work out next steps! Reach out to our Customer Happiness team at hi@livewelly.co.

All online orders will receive a tracking number. Please allow up to 48-hours after your purchase for the purchase confirmation adn tracking number to be delivered to your inbox. Not in your inbox? Don’t forget to check SPAM.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason with any Welly product that you’ve received, you can bet that we’re just as, if not more, upset than you. We want to know all about it and how we can make it better – because if you’re not happy, neither are we.This being said, unfortunately, we don't accept returns and are only able to offer refunds for certain circumstances due to the nature of our products. But if your order has been damaged in transit, or if you've received the wrong Welly order, then we’ll do everything in our power to delight you and resolve your issue, quickly. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness team immediately by emailing hi@livewelly.co.

Shipping times depend on your location and unique order. Standard orders before 2pm will dispatch from our warehouse in Melbourne the same day. Orders that involve custom branding services (water bottle) are subject to additional lead times. For orders consisting of custom branded services please allow an additional 5-10 business days for dispatch.

If you ship to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide: 

Express: 1-2 business days from order

Standard: 2-5 business days from order

If you ship to Western Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania, and regional Queensland:

Express: 2-4 business days from order

Standard: 4-8 business days from order

It depends…on what you order and where you’re delivering to. Good news for you, all orders over $100 are eligible for FREE standard delivery within Australia.

Australia, for the time being. If you’re located outside of the country “down-under” and would love to get your hands on our delicious + nutritious smoothies please let us know at hi@livewelly.co.

Real freeze-dried fruit and vegetables with herbs, and spices. Nothing artificial. No added sugars. No fillers. No bad stuff. Our ingredients are what we’re most proud of - they’re nutrient-rich and delicious. The majority of these are sourced in Australia or our neighbour New Zealand.  

Without boring you and getting too technical - freeze-drying is the process of removing water from fruit + veg through low-temperature drying and sublimation. It’s the secret to locking in our flavour, nutrients, fibre, colour, and freshness!

This varies depending on the flavour. However, for all of our Welly smoothies there is a minimum of 1-serve of vegetables and 1-serve of fruit.

No blender and no additional wholefoods are needed to make our smoothies. Simply add a single sachet to a reusable bottle with 300-350mL (or your desired amount) of chilled water or milk (of any kind) and…enjoy. Rip. Tip. Shake. Sip! 

Fear not! This is 100% naturally occurring sugar from the fruit + veg (fructose). Absolutely, no added sugar or sweeteners are used in our smoothies. Not now. Not ever.

It’s a sad fact, 31% of fresh produce is discarded at primary production because it doesn’t meet cosmetic commercial standards (supermarkets) all because of a small blemish, an ill-desired colour, or an irregular shape - but nutritionally it’s perfect. We have a real issue with this number, therefore, at every possibility we upcycle these imperfect fruits + veggies saving them from contributing to landfill. 

They sure are! Freeze-drying only removes the liquid present in fruit + veg. Therefore, the majority of vitamins, minerals, and fibre are retained. Some soluble vitamins are lost (not in their entirety). 

Whenever. Wherever. Our smoothies make for the perfect breakfast, lunchbox treat, after-school snack or post-sport replenishment. When and where you enjoy our smoothies is completely up to you, well your kids.

Absolutely! Most children eat 2-3 servings of their recommended 5 daily servings of vegetables. We say make up the difference with Welly!

All of our smoothies contain NO nuts or gluten. They may, however, contain milk. The facility that fills our sachets also processes milk powder, and although we thoroughly clean down all production equipment there may be traces of milk.

We’ve made our smoothie subscription as simple as can be and hiccup-free. All 20-packs are available on a smoothie subscription. Head over to our shop page and select the subscription option. Best of all save 15% now and on every other order! 

Yes to all of the above. When you order a subscription you’ll create a personal account. Within your account you can change your flavour, add more flavours, skip a month, pause your subscription or cancel it together (although you’d be breaking our hearts).

Of course! We’ll have you shaking quicker than you can say smoothie. Well, maybe not that quick but quick enough. Login to your account and change your “delivery schedule.”

We’ll send exclusive perks and other fun news via email - so keep an eye on your inbox!

All orders with a personalised item take a little longer to prepare than standard orders as they are made-to-order. Generally, we require 3-5 business days to get your order ready for dispatch. However, in busy periods this can take a little longer. We appreciate your patience!

Currently, we only offer white custom naming labels in our Welly font on our water bottles. We’ll increase these options shortly! 

As these items are made to order, unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on these items.

To add your little superhero’s name to our special smoothie shakers it costs $10. The best part, you get a bottle free with every order of a 20-pack.