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Made in Australia

Proudly made in Australia from locally and neighbouring suppliers


Real fruit & veggies

Over 1 serve of real fruit + veg in every smoothie


No added sugar

Naturally occurring sugars (fructose) only.


Nothing artificial

Only ingredients that you can trust. No artificial colours or flavours.


Vitamins & Minerals

Including vitamins C, K and B, magnesium, potassium, fibre and more!

Our Products

All the essential goodness your kids need to thrive, conveniently portioned into ready-to-go, delicious snacks. Say goodbye to dinner time battles and hello to hassle-free nourishment for your kids.

Loved by Thousands

Fruit Bites

New In: Organic Fruit Bites

Say hello to the nutritious snacks you'll never have to say "no" to. Made with real, ripe fruit and no refined sugar your kids won't get enough of these delicious fruit bites.

  • Welly instant smoothies with over 2 serves of real fruit and vegetables for adults

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    Discover our irresistible selection of wholefood snacks, crafted to provide nourishment with every mouthful.

  • Welly Kids instant smoothies the perfect lunchbox and on the go healthy snack for kids

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    Have a fussy little eater? Get the kiddos eating more fruit + veg with our fun, deliciously nutritious whole food snacks.

100% natural fruit + veg snacks.

Made from real fruit + veg and brimming with wholefood fibre, vitamins and minerals our instant smoothies and fruit bites support gut-health, general wellbeing, development and sustained energy.

Good for your kids. Good for the planet.

Welly is made by people who care about your health as much as the health of our planet. We take every chance to upcycle fruit + veg that doesn't meet cosmetic commerical standards, ensuring it ends up in bellies, not landfil.